What Time is ABC’s Democratic Debate?

What Time is ABC’s Democratic Debate?

What Time is ABC’s Democratic Debate?

This time around, only half the amount of candidates qualified as the 20 who took stage for the June debates in Miami, Florida and July debates in Detroit, Michigan.

It's particularly noteworthy that this is the first time Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren will be onstage together. Candidates will have the opportunity to deliver opening statements, but there will be no closing statements.

The third Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential election cycle will air live nationwide Thursday beginning at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

Viewers can watch the debate on ABC, Univision or ABC News Live and stream the debate on Twitter, Facebook Watch, YouTube, ABCNews.com, Good Morning America and FiveThirtyEight. Bernie Sanders; former Vice President Joe Biden; Massachusetts Sen.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is fast becoming a favorite to win the Democratic nomination for president, and a new poll from NPR and the Marist Institute is providing new evidence for that surge: Warren is now the Democratic Party's most highly regarded candidate, and she earns the number two slot among all registered voters. One minute and 15 seconds will be allotted for direct responses to questions, and candidates will get 45 seconds for responses and rebuttals. Given recent events, tonight's debate will include subjects like foreign policy, environmental protection, gun violence, and economic agendas. In addition to being one of Biden's top challengers in polls, Warren has also had longstanding policy disagreements with Biden, dating back to a 2005 bill that made it more hard for people to file for bankruptcy.

Biden, in fact, will be standing right between Warren and Bernie Sanders.

"Well, I helped organize that affair, and I thought her attack was extremely hypocritical because almost 20 of us who attended the Biden fundraiser had also given her $2,000 or more in 2018 at closed-door fundraisers in "swanky" locations", he writes. Increased qualification criteria and several drop outs culled the primary field down from the 20 candidates who debated at The Fox Theatre.

Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke will need something to happen as nothing he has tried seems to have jump-started his faltering campaign.

Sen. Cory Booker and former Hud Secretary Julian Castro are in a similar boat having barely made the cut alongside Klobuchar.

Has much changed in the polls since last debate?

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