Advance polling expanded as early voting grows in popularity

Advance polls open early for voters

Advance polling expanded as early voting grows in popularity

The Election Commission office is located at City Hall, 133 William Street, in Room 114.

"In Bay of Quinte, there were 13,073 advance votes cast of a total 57,713", Grenier told The Intelligencer on Thursday.

Or, you can use Elections Canada's Voter Information Service.

According to Elections Canada the total turnout as of October 8 was 45,000 and then by October 9 another 66,300 electors had voted.

Voters also can cast a ballot at any Elections Canada office until 6 p.m. on October 15.

This election will be the first where all Canadians residing overseas will be eligible to vote, regardless of how long they have been away.

The official date of Canada's 2019 federal election is October 21. Residents will have the option of casting an early vote until Monday, Oct. 14.

Voters can also register to vote by mail at Elections Canada offices in North Vancouver and West Vancouver until October 15.

Find where your nearest advance polling station is here!

You'll need to have proof of identity and proof of address.

During the last federal election, voter turnout among people aged 18 to 24 rose from 38.8 per cent in 2011 to 57.1 per cent, what Elections Canada says was the "largest increase for this age group" since it began reporting demographic data on turnout in 2004. In 2015's pilot program, only 39 campuses were involved.

In the 2015 federal election, 23.2 per cent of ballots were cast in Nanaimo-Ladysmith ahead of general voting day.

Voters must bring identification that verifies their name and address. You can look up your local election day polling station by entering your postal code here.

The six major parties vying for your vote are the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the New Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Bloc Quebecois, and the People's Party of Canada.

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