'Big Mouth' Co-Creator Apologizes for Pansexuality Flub

'Big Mouth' Co-Creator Apologizes for Pansexuality Flub

'Big Mouth' Co-Creator Apologizes for Pansexuality Flub

In response to the criticism, Big Mouth co-creator Andrew Goldberg has issued an apology.

The controversial scene in question debuted during the Season 3 episode "Rankings". Right off the bat Ali throws the social hierarchy off balance by announcing that she's pansexual. When another character asks how that's different than being bisexual, Wong's character Ali explains that "bisexuality is so binary". "Or a burrito that is transitioning into a taco". A few of you borings like tacos and a few of you want burritos, and if you happen to're bisexual you want tacos and burritos. This being Big Mouth, there is probably a scene later in the season where a Mexican food assigned burrito at birth reveals it's a trans taco, then everybody sings a song called "Trans Tacos Are Tacos" so we learn the proper lesson. "Comprende? And honey, anything else on the fucking menu".

There's a lot wrong with that definition. Being pansexual means my sexual choice isn't restricted by gender identification.

While Netflix's "Big Mouth" is a series that is often lauded for its adept and earnest approach to a variety of hard topics-especially for characters in a particularly awkward time of everyone's lives, puberty-a scene from its recently-released third season has gotten attention for quite the opposite.

It's perhaps understandable that some people still link the "bi" in bisexual to the "bi" in binary, and bi folks have had to do some work in recent years to clear up the outdated misconception Ali's definition perpetuates: that "swinging both ways" also means believing there are only two directions in which one can swing. Trans- men and trans- women are men and women. Similarly, being bisexual doesn't mean members of this community are only attracted to cisgendered people.

Nonetheless, some viewers weren't proud of the reason, which each implied that bisexuality just isn't inclusive of trans and non-binary identities and that trans persons are of a separate gender, unique to female and male. Trans- men and women have always been part of the bisexual community, despite what Big Mouth's definition makes it seem. In an announcement posted to Twitter, co-creator Andrew Goldberg thanked the queer group for calling the present's workforce out on the error.

Unfortunately, Big Mouth's description of bisexuality misses the mark.

The animated show's creator also thanked the "trans, pan, and bi communities" for bringing "these important and complicated issues of representation" to the creators' attention.

'We're listening and we secret agent forward to delving into all of this in future seasons'.

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