Breaking Bad fans prepare for 'El Camino' premiere

Matt L. Jones as Badger and Charles Baker as Skinny Pete in 'El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie'

Matt L. Jones as Badger and Charles Baker as Skinny Pete in'El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie Ben Rothstein Netflix

Warning: Do not read this post until you've seen El Camino.

However, when quizzed about the prospect of an El Camino sequel, Paul said that he was "all for it" providing the film's writer/director, and creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan could come up with a story.

Starring Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman and a number of characters that'd be familiar to any fan of the series (including Jesse Plemons' Todd, Jonathan Banks' Mike and - last, but certainly not least - Bryan Cranston's Walter White), El Camino finally brought closure to Jesse's storyline.

Breaking Bad fans have been waiting years to get their fix after the show went off the air six years ago. It is supposed to be the continuation of the Television series Breaking Bad.

Of course, the "Bad" finale sent the character into the night with a cathartic yell, but there was the little matter of what one does after such an ordeal, especially with that many dead bodies in the rear-view mirror as baggage. Vince Gilligan is still very much the master of this particular domain.

"I think - I hope - that he has found that".

Her appearance in the film clearly reminded Jesse of a time when there was still hope and joy in his life, and, as we cut away from her flashback, we returned to see the Jesse of now smiling as he headed onto his new life in Alaska.

"You know, I did receive a letter that was disguised as a really sweet letter during the shooting of "Breaking Bad"," Paul recalled.

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