Chinese President Xi Jinping wraps up meet, leaves for Nepal

Abandoned Lake In Mamallapuram Revived Thanks To PM Modi Xi Jinping Meet

Chinese President Xi Jinping wraps up meet, leaves for Nepal

A day after an informal summit with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping on the seaside town of Mamallapuram, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted from his personal account that he took a "refreshing walk" along the scenic coast, and "plogged" his way along.

The Indian Express newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying Modi would urge Xi to be more "sensitive" to India's concerns, and to "explain to the Chinese president the reasons behind Delhi's decision on Kashmir".

Chennai: Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed in Chennai on Friday to promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilisations to achieve joint development and prosperity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping waves to local people upon his arrival in Chennai, India on October 11, 2019. He landed in Chennai on Friday afternoon and met PM Modi in Mamallapuram.

Modi and Xi are meeting in the southern town of Mamallapuram, home to centuries old wind-swept temple monuments but also popular with tourists for surfing in its flawless waves.

This was the second informal meeting between Modi and Jinping after the Wuhan edition a year ago.

Despite the summit's relaxed nature, the ambassador said it is expected to provide direction to officials on both sides so they can "address better the issues that we have been dealing with over a long period of time".

The two leaders will hold an informal meeting Saturday, which will be followed by delegation-level talks. "Let us also ensure we remain fit and healthy".

He said that both Modi and Xi are "very strong and very popular leaders", and they are fully capable of shaping the future of the bilateral relationship in a constructive and mutually beneficial direction. "I think this number can easily be multiplied at least fivefold if not tenfold in just the coming few years", he said.

Xi and Modi held several hours of one-on-one talks in a southern seaside Indian town in their second annual summit created to break through decades of distrust between their countries over border disputes, a ballooning trade deficit and China's close military ties with India's arch rival, Pakistan. "We are able to bring forth closer cooperation between both countries", Xi said, while adding that the discussions have been "very in-depth" and "good". The bank, headquartered in Shanghai, is now headed by Kundapur Vaman Kamath, former chairman of ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank.

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