Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook ad policy with intentionally false ad

Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook ad policy with intentionally false ad

Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook ad policy with intentionally false ad

In its ad, the Warren camp leads off with the lie about the Facebook endorsement of Trump after a deceptive "Breaking news" leader. "But Facebook just cashes Trump's checks", she said.

With this ad, Facebook's own tools are now being used against it, and it has placed itself in a win-win situation. But Factcheck.org noted that while Biden did threaten to withhold United States money from Ukraine, there's no evidence he did this to help his son, which is what the Facebook ad implied. He also described her antitrust proposal as an "existential" threat and said it would "suck for us".

Earlier this week, Facebook told Joe Biden's presidential campaign that it wouldn't remove an ad by Trump's reelection campaign despite assertions that the ad contains misinformation about Biden.

Democratic presidential candidate's campaign sponsored the posts that were blasted into the feeds of USA users of the social network, pushing back against Facebook's policy to exempt politicians' ads from its third-party fact-checking program. Biden's campaign has dismissed Trump's allegations as a smear. Now, they're deliberately allowing a candidate to intentionally lie to the American people.

The social media site has refused to take down the ads.

In a statement provided to Fox News, Facebook defended its stance on not censoring political speech. She shot back: "What would really "suck" is if we don't fix a corrupt system that lets giant companies like Facebook engage in illegal anticompetitive practices, stomp on consumer privacy rights, and repeatedly fumble their responsibility to protect our democracy".

Warren's stunt came as Facebook faced criticism from conservatives and progressives alike.

"Our approach is grounded in Facebook's fundamental belief in free expression, respect for the democratic process, and the belief that, in mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is", Facebook's head of global elections policy Katie Harbath wrote in the letter.

There's no love lost between the MA senator and the social media giant.

Progressives, like Warren, have warned that Facebook could easily be leveraged to help Republicans win re-election.

The Warren campaign ads, some of which feature a photo of Zuckerberg and President Trump together, link to a petition supporting her plan to break up major tech companies such as Facebook, Alphabet Inc's Google and Amazon.com Inc, on antitrust grounds.

Steve Guest, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, blasted the Democrat's ad as a "political stunt" and said it "won't distract from Warren's primary goal: giving government the control of your health care and hiking everyone's taxes to pay for it".

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