‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ apparently leaked by Italian Apple App Store

Fortnite leak confirms new map for ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’By Jimmy Russo

Fortnite leak confirms new map for ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’By Jimmy Russo

Looking over the leak posted by Fortnite Insider, it seems to confirm previous rumors of a new map and the addition of boats. This time though, the change may be bigger than ever before.

A leak has surfaced on Fortnite's Italian Apple Store game page that showcases potential artwork for the game's next season, hinting that it'll be called Fortnite Chapter Two rather than season 11.

But, if the rumours about the Fortnite event destroying the map are true, then this makes sense.

The only way to find out the truth for sure is to watch Fortnite's The End live event, which kicks off this Sunday at 7pm United Kingdom time.

It would be very surprising to have Fortnite players battling it out on a barren, virtually destroyed map for a few days.

The Fortnite live event for season 10 is expected to last between five to 10 minutes.

It's possible that Fortnite would forgo a conventional Season 11, or maybe Season 11 will be part of the game's name changing to Fortnite: Chapter 2. Does this leaked image get you excited for the next Battle Pass?

All these clues point to Fortnite getting a huge overhaul.

If there is a new map, there's an unanswered question: will it replace the existing map, or supplement it? It shows Fortnite's three main characters standing over a cliff looking out over the world, albeit not the world now in Fortnite.

Leaker Hypex tweeted: "Ninja just confirmed on his stream that there will be a brand new UI (menu design) he won't leak it tho lol". Teasers are released in order to build hype for the season, but the live event is providing that this time around.

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