Riot doesn't want League of Legends broadcasters discussing 'sensitive topics'


Image via Riot Games

As a result, gamers have been mocking Needham's statement, claiming it was paid for by Tencent.

On Monday, Blizzard banned professional Hearthstone player Ng "Blitzchung" Wai Chung from participating in tournaments for an entire year after he voiced support for the Hong Kong protesters.

The r/Blizzard subreddit was pulled down for a few hours after users flooded the forum with anti-Blizzard posts and calls to unsubscribe from the company's services and boycott its entire portfolio of games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

The decision sparked outrage in the Blizzard and gaming communities, which caused #BlizzardBoycott to start trending.

Of course Riot's statements will just make people do it anyway in protest against growing backlash against Chinese-run games companies.

Riot Games has released a statement advising League of Legends casters not to discuss sensitive issues during this weekend's World Championship Group stage.

In short, it won't be. In the statement, Needham explains that they reminded casters and pro players to avoid talking about sensitive topics, be it about politics or religion.

"As a general rule, we want to keep our broadcasts focused on the game, the sport, and the players", advised Needham.

"These topics are often incredibly nuanced, require deep understanding and a willingness to listen, and can not be fairly represented in the forum our broadcast provides", he added.

While Activision Blizzard has remained mostly silent on the blitzchung/Hong Kong controversy, other developers have weighed in with their stances.

Fortnite creator Epic Games also spoke out about the issue, with CEO Tim Sweeney saying that the company supports players for speaking out about human rights and politics.

Fans on Twitter were quick to point out that Riot is in fact, 100% owned by Tencent.

That's not all, Riot offices around the world are also planning their own meet-and-greets, but you'll have to check your local League of Legends social channels for details.

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