The Volvo XC40 Electric Is Bringing Google’s Android To Cars

Teaser for electric Volvo XC40 debuting

Volvo's electric XC40 will use an Android infotainment system

The two companies have been development partners for the past several years.

The new infotainment is powered by Android Automotive and is created to work seamlessly with the Google suite of services, such as Google Maps, Assistant and the Play Store for apps.

Volvo says that the electric XC40 will be the first Volvo to receive software and OS updates over the air.

Meanwhile, Volvo's On Call connected service will also be on deck, allowing users to remotely pre-heat or pre-cool the auto, find it in a large vehicle park, lock and unlock the doors and share the digital key. If the new OS can keep the simplicity and ease of use combined with new and improved features, it could be on to a victor.

One of the best features of Android Automotive OS is that it is an Android operating system familiar to millions of developers, tailored to run in the vehicle.

It also has access to car-friendly apps within the Google Play Store. In addition, the Google Assistant enables voice command for controlling temperature, setting a destination, play music on apps like Spotify, while also interact with owner's smart home devices from your Volvo.

Google Maps will be able to provide refreshed map and traffic data in real time, keeping drivers informed about upcoming traffic situations and proactively suggesting alternative routes, as well as suggesting the nearest charging station en route. Google Maps data will help improve the XC40's driver assistance by identifying curves and speed limits. Instead, the system operates as its own entity, and is more deeply integrated with numerous car's other functions. Volvo also declares that the XC40 will be its first vehicle to feature full system OTAs, not just app updates, so you can expect core functionality improvements even after buying the auto.

Set to debut on October 16, the zero-emission premium subcompact SUV will benefit from the full integration of the Android Automotive operating system.

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