Training Day prequel in the works

Training Day

‘Training Day’ Prequel In Development At Warner Bros.

Warner Bros has set in motion a prequel to the Antoine Fuqua-directed crime thriller, Training Day.

According to a new report from Collider though, it looks like Warner Bros wants to make another Training Day movie, this time serving as a prequel to the original film. It featured both Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke at the height of their games and the movie displayed a raw and gritty take on what it meant to be a police officer in the modern age, not shying away from some of the harsh truths, even while it was exaggerating them. Hawke was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the rookie narcotics detective. This certainly allows for a scenario that's rife with tension, as Los Angeles would explode into riots shortly after the controversial decision.

The only person confirmed to be involved in the prequel so far is writer Nick Yarborough who worked on "A Letter from Rosemary Kennedy".

Davis Guggenheim was initially going to direct the film, with Jackson as Alonzo Harris and Damon as Jake Hoyt.

Since the project is still in very early stages of development, there is now no director attached yet to the film.

Something interesting to point out about this project is the timeline as Washington was 46 when the film was released. Denzel Washington was 46 when he played the role of Harris and with his eldest son John David Washington now at the age of 36 (exactly 10 years younger) and building up steam in Hollywood following his starring roles in BlacKkKlansman and the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie Tenet, he would be a flawless fit to play the role of a younger Harris. Now he is filming the lead in Christopher Nolan's Tenet, which is also a Warner Bros. film.

Training Day is one of my favorite films of all time and it would be great to visit that world again. Let us know in the comment section below!

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