Travis Scott Raves About Fatherhood And Stormi - Says She's Changed His Life!

Travis Scott Raves About Fatherhood And Stormi - Says She's Changed His Life!

Travis Scott Raves About Fatherhood And Stormi - Says She's Changed His Life!

"Function you realizing on having more babies?" one fan asked, to which she replied, "I will't wait to fetch more babies nonetheless not ready righteous yet", which makes entire sense, pondering Kylie and her beau of better than two years, Travis Scott, 28, now hit the brakes on their relationship. The staff kitchen features four filled refrigerators and a pink highchair for Jenner's daughter, Stormi. The pair welcomed their first child together in February of 2018.

Speaking of, she also revealed what name she nearly went with before finally deciding on Stormi instead for her baby girl.

Kylie Jenner revealed her plans for future children on Instagram.

As for how hard it was getting back in shape after her pregnancy, Jenner admitted that she "snapped back pretty fast". It seems like she didn't want to force a relationship that was never meant to happen.

A long time: The Instagram star has her own glam room, where she confessed that make-up artist Ariel takes three-and-a-half hours to do her make-up.

A source authenticated that after consuming more than two years together, the Kylie Jenner Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, and Travis are taking a hiatus. A source told ET that the makeup mogul "is in a very good place and is happy above everything after the recent split with Travis".

Speaking of magazine covers, you can find stacks of every single one on which Jenner has posed on display in the office - OK, and some of her sisters' covers, too. "However, Kylie is thankful for everything she's been through and it has really helped her grow as a woman". But later, she made it clear that she wants to be a mother sometime after and not just now. "Travis knows what an incredible mom Kylie is and will make whatever situation work". "I can't wait to have more babies", the 22-year-old explains.

He continued, "Focusing on life, music, and family at this moment is what's real". "They still have some trust issues but their problems have stemmed more from the stress of their lifestyles". People tweeted that she should be helping those in need instead of being so selfish.

For the latest on Jenner and Scott, watch below.

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