WhatsApp temporarily vanished from Google’s Play Store without explanation

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WhatsApp temporarily vanished from Google’s Play Store without explanation

As TNW noted, for some unknown reason, WhatsApp vanished from the Play Store this morning. This, in flip, skill that WhatsApp hasn't entirely disappeared from the Google Play Store and neither did Google blacklist the app, the document added.

The good news is, WhatsApp has since announced that the app has returned to the Google Play Store, which we confirmed by, well, searching for it in Google's Android app storefront.

Despite the disappearance, WhatsApp seems to function just fine for now.

For the record, you can still get the app from third-party sources by downloading the APK. That, of course, opens a whole new can of worms and a whole lot of opportunities for hackers to distribute malicious instances of the Facebook-owned privacy messenger. A company spokeswoman declined to share a breakdown of the number of iOS users versus Android users. Neither WhatsApp nor Google was immediately available to comment on why it went down.

Until then, sit back, and try not to download WhatsApp from sketchy sites.

As per the teardown done on the Play Store 17.0.11, Google is likely to bring Incognito Mode for the Play Store soon. Unfortunately, the reason for the short absence remains unclear. Since Google Play Store is such an important component in the Android operating system, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Google is updating it on a weekly basis with software improvements and bug fixes.

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