AAA: 55 million Americans travel for Thanksgiving

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Experts warn Wednesday could be a disaster in Ohio

Construction weather and the sheer number of people traveling for Thanksgiving could make Wednesday afternoon the worst time to try and hit the road

The vast majority of those, about 49.3 million people, will get to their destination by vehicle, which is almost 3 percent more than 2018, AAA added. If those numbers are correct, it would be the second-highest travel volume since AAA started recording the stat in 2000.

More than 55 million people plan to hit the road this holiday weekend, according to AAA.

New Jerseyans are expected to face more traffic as they take to the roads and sky this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, AAA estimates Wednesday will be the worst day for travel, with delays up to four times longer than average. The only higher recorded volume came in 2005.

Airports will be packed too, with an estimated 195,000 Ohioans and 4.45 million Americans expected to fly to their holiday destinations this year - up 4.6% nationally over 2018, according to AAA. The Philadelphia International Airport will certainly have its share of this holiday weekend. To alleviate the anxiety, PennDOT called on drivers to use the Historic Holiday Traffic page [511PA]. The worst traffic will be on I-95 in Delaware County, I-76, US Route 1 near the Neshaminy Mall and the transportation hub between US Routes 202 and 422 near the King of Prussia Mall and the Philadelphia Premium Outlets to be seen.

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