After Much Speculation, Bloomberg Officially Enters 2020 Presidential Race

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Apart from jumping late into the election which could put him at a disadvantage over other candidates who have built their campaign infrastructure early on, Bloomberg will also need to face criticisms on his ties with the Chinese government, his decision to switch parties from running as NY mayor in 2001 as a Republican, to an independent bid in his third term, and then switching to the Democratic party just in 2018 when he was mulling his options on whether to run for president.

On his second day of campaigning for the Democratic nomination, Bloomberg told reporters in Phoenix the nation should recruit immigrants to come to the us and improve its culture, cuisine, religion, dialogue and economy.

He blasted Trump's insurance policies that resulted within the separation of households arriving on the border.

Bloomberg, a late entrant in the already crowded race for the Democratic presidential nomination, was set Tuesday to file to run in Arizona's presidential primary.

"Ripping kids away from their parents is a disgrace", Bloomberg said.

Back in 2010 during the Obama administration, Bloomberg likened USA immigration policies to 'national suicide, ' saying restrictions would put the nation at an economic disadvantage.

Bloomberg is joining a Democratic field that already includes numerous harsh critics of the Trump administration's immigration policy.

"Michael Bloomberg is making a bet about democracy in 2020: He doesn't need people, he only needs bags and bags of money", the MA senator told a crowd Monday in Iowa. Saturday, Oct. 27, 2001.

Bloomberg spoke at the back of a small restaurant in a closely Latino space a number of miles east of downtown Phoenix, the kind of group that has helped propel Democrats to success after many years of Republican domination in Arizona. Latinos organized against a tough 2010 immigration law and against Sheriff Joe Arpaio´s immigration patrols, the latter of which was struck down in the courts for racial profiling. Bloomberg said. "None of us do everything perfectly". It´s one of four states where his campaign said it´s pouring $100 million into anti-Trump digital ads, and one of five where the campaign says it will push to register voters.

'He's here to alter that dynamic.

"They're only going to be covering one opposing candidate, and that's Donald Trump... if they're not willing to do any negative stories that might come up about Mike, whereas they are about Trump, then they're directly helping his campaign".

"What's going to happen is, you're going to start to see [Bloomberg's] numbers move", MSNBC's Deutsch said, pointing at that in just a few days after announcing and beginning to advertise massively, Bloomberg went from "zero to 3%" in national polls, putting him on the same footing as Democratic candidates who have been in the race from the beginning.

Bloomberg also addressed renewed criticism of the stop-and-frisk law enforcement policy he pushed as mayor of NY, which affected mainly minority civilians, including the city's Latino population. Wolfson said Bloomberg would work for only $1 a year as president, just as he did when he was New York City mayor for more than a decade. Separately, he said: "I'm disgusted by the idea that Michael Bloomberg or any other billionaire thinks they can circumvent the political process and spend tens of millions of dollars to buy our elections", Sanders wrote in a statement. "Let's get on with it".

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