Decomposed Body of 'Seinfeld' Actor Charles Levin Eaten by Animals

Seinfeld star Charles Levin's physique was discovered bare and partially eaten by vultures after his automobile fell down 30ft ravine

Body of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin eaten by vultures

This news of the actor Charles Levin's body reportedly found partially eaten has shocked the actor's fans. Charles Levin's son Jesse had reported him as missing on 28 June.

As per the latest reports, the death of the Seinfeld star Charles Levin has been ruled as accidental.

Levin has been missing from USA sitcom Seinfeld and was found dead on 13th July from a remote mountain road, which has been reported missing by his son Jesse on June 28th.

Levin's remains were found on July 13 in a slope near the road.

According to Page Six, Levin's body was discovered nude without "external genitalia present", and he had been dead for days by the time he was found. Sadly, his dog was found dead inside his abandoned Fiat vehicle, which was reportedly badly damaged as it was found with the passenger side mirror "sheared off" and dents that appeared to come from hitting trees.

Police believe that after losing his way, Levin eventually succumbed to the elements, and they said that his body did not have "any obvious sign of injury".

Levin was in the process of moving from one part of OR to another.

The area in which authorities discovered his remains reportedly has terrain that is hard to drive on, limited road signs and no Global Positioning System service. His body was naked, missing internal organs and wedged between two trees.

On Friday, November 8, more details were revealed about the death of Charles Levin, who was known for starring in "Seinfeld", "Alice", and "Designing Women".

What a tragic end to an otherwise wonderful life. He also played the mohel on "The Bris" episode of "Seinfeld" and played the recurring role of Eddie Gregg on "Hill Street Blues" from 1982 to 1986.

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