Ford partners with Webasto for electric Mustang

Ford partners with Webasto for electric Mustang

Ford partners with Webasto for electric Mustang

While a manual, 900hp electric Mustang is as much a production reality as a diesel GT hypercar, the Lithium is pitched by Ford as a vehicle that "signals [the] future of performance". There's also the upcoming Mustang-inspired Mach E electric crossover.

While we wait for the all new Mustang-based all-electric SUV, Ford has been quietly working behind the scenes with Webasto to surprise us with an all-electric Mustang sports vehicle.

Ford has presented a high-powered all-electric version of its Mustang, produced in collaboration with German parts manufacturer Webasto, at the SEMA Show, which is set to run in Las Vegas, USA, until November 8, 2019.

Ford didn't provide any exact performance figures for the Mustang Lithium, but described the car's acceleration as "stunning".

The new Lithium prototype, says Ford, includes Phi-Power dual-core electric motor and dual power inverters coupled to an 800 volt battery system from Webasto with "EVDrive" technology that can deliver 1000kW of power and 1355Nm torque. Electric cars typically don't have-or even need-more than one gear, so the inclusion of a stick is all about adding a fun-to-drive element.

Only there's something a little different about this electric auto, as the Mustang Lithium has a six-speed manual transmission.

The Mustang Lithium is powered by an 800-volt power system, more than double the power of most electric cars on the road today, according to Ford. Lastly, the Mustang Lithium offers four different drive modes - Valet, Sport, Track, and Beast - which are accessible via its 10.4-inch dashboard touch-screen.

Ford has made no endurance claims for the electric Mustang, but it appears that it was designed for speed rather than a long battery range. It's also created to gauge market interest in an all-out performance electric vehicle, and it's going to be hard to do that without giving the world a better feel for what "beast mode" is all about. Major automakers frequently unveil customized show cars at the event.

As Ford actively refreshes its lineup, the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer and Escape hybrid SUVs feature the company's fourth-generation lithium-ion battery technology, similar to the energy storage system used on the Mustang Lithium.

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