I Support T.I For Checking His Daughter’s Hymen - Jeannie Mai

I Support T.I For Checking His Daughter’s Hymen - Jeannie Mai

I Support T.I For Checking His Daughter’s Hymen - Jeannie Mai

Deyjah Harris also appears briefly in the video, but she does not want to follow the ladies' behavior and she walks away.

The father of 5 boldly stated that every year on her 18 year old daughter's Deyjah she takes her to the Gynaecologist to check her hymen.

For a although, T.I. turned the highest rated trending topic on Twitter. It's not notably shocking provided that social media customers had been fairly uniform in disapproving of this model of overprotective parenting. Plain and easy, it's troublesome on a number of ranges.

Foremost, the concept that a hymen is an indicator of chastity is an overhyped fantasy. "And for me, I became once a extraordinarily wild lady, I didn't have tips, I rebelled loads".

However, she hasn't made any comment specifically about his interview. These are are few tweets out of several that Deyjah Harris liked as the controversy grew behind her father's statement.

Someone else wrote: & # 39; hmm maybe she said, I have some more integrity for myself to dance and work on live?

Certainly, it's a sexist double normal when you think about that males aren't measured by the identical purity metrics. It'd be one factor if T.I. had been to be the poster youngster for chastity himself, however he has albums stuffed with songs that includes explicitly sexual lyrics. The place does he get off imagining he can boast about sexual exploits when demanding his daughter stay a virgin? I hated him a bit.

T.I. received major backlash when he revealed during a podcast that he regularly has a doctor check his daughter's hymen to confirm her virginity, and now the female hosts of the show apologized for not immediately calling him out and have deleted the episode.

In all probability worst of all, the incident carries some poor messages about consent.

She however added that, "Clearly [T.I.] is super concerned about today's world and everything, [so] I would just say, 'What is it that you are concerned about when it comes to the breaking of the hymen or the fact that she's having sex?"

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