KSI vs. Logan Paul - CompuBox Punch Stats

Dillon Danis

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 LIVE: YouTube stars clash in LA - latest updates and undercard results

The fight between two of YouTube's best-known stars, KSI and Logan Paul, was watched by more people on pirated streams than official channels. The scores were 56-55 for Paul, 57-54 for KSI, 56-55 for KSI.

Youtube stars KSI and Logan Paul were within 4 landed punches in all 6 rounds. However, both men came alive in the final round, trying to land some hits and do as much damage in their final minutes of the battle.

But this time, the two compete in a professional boxing fight, which means no headgear and smaller gloves.

To prepare for the fight, Paul was trained by former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, while KSI was trained by Viddal Riley and assisted by veteran coach Jeff Mayweather, a former fighter and the uncle of five division champion Floyd Mayweather.

But in the fourth, Paul hit his best shot of the fight, a right across the face of KSI, who immediately backed up toward the ropes.

More of the same followed in the second round as KSI counted his role as the aggressor while Paul tried to assert his jab.

Paul continued his conservative approach to the fight in the third round while KSI began to breathe with his mouth slightly open. "He kept moving but I got him", KSI added. KSI was very busy in the round.

The fourth round was marred with controversy as KSI went down after a attractive uppercut from Paul.

KSI was sent to the canvas but Paul was deducted two points for punching his opponent while he was on the ground and defenceless, despite being awarded the knockdown.

Paul was doing better in the fifth, as KSI was now exhausted and Paul was applying pressure. He was coming forward and taking the fight to Paul.

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