Michael Bloomberg's potential 2020 bid is getting hammered online

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Michael Bloomberg's potential 2020 bid is getting hammered online

Bloomberg, who filed for the Alabama primary Friday, but has not yet made a final decision about officially launching a campaign, finished in sixth place in the poll at 4 percent, which is not awful considering he's a newcomer.

"Reddit is also driving a sizable portion of the online conversation around Bloomberg's announcement", said a spokeswoman for Zignal.

In fact the most popular tweet tied to news that the 77-year-old former New York City mayor may join the crowded Democratic primary field came from his would-be rival Elizabeth Warren.

According to a Vox report, Bezos called the fellow billionaire in February this year and asked him to consider entering the 2020 USA presidential race. But 25 percent of those surveyed also said they view the former New York City mayor and billionaire unfavorably.

According to her calculator, Bloomberg is poised to pay $3.079 billion given his asset of $51 billion.

Bloomberg's prospective entry into the Democratic primary comes amid continued polling and fundraising strength for Sen. Bernie Sanders, too, has hinged his candidacy on Medicare for All, but has faced less scrutiny - in part because he has run a campaign less focused on broad appeal to moderate voters than Warren has. However, the paper quoted an advisor who indicated that Bloomberg has yet to make an official decision. Billionaire investor and founder of Omega Partners Leon Cooperman told CNBC on Friday that he would back the former NYC mayor now that he is in the race. This time he would be entering the race as The Anti-Trump and The Anti-Warren, The Anti Sanders, The Anti-Wealth Tax.

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