Modern Warfare a very welcome return to form

Modern Warfare removes Realism Mode

Modern Warfare removes Realism Mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting some new content this week including some new maps as well as some game modes. The community has been very vocal about campy matches and questionable map design.

Today's update made major changes to weapons, like the powerful M4A1 and 725, but clearly, Infinity Ward thinks there's more work to be done. Activision confirmed on their Quarterly Earning report that Modern Warfare's battle pass will officially launch sometime in December 2019. Taking place on either one of two gargantuan maps, Ground War features teams of 32 players each being divided into four-person squads and furnished with helicopters, tanks, ATVs and other vehicles to fight for control of five points.

We've added Krovnik Farmland to Ground Battle and Shoot Condominium to Multiplayer! If you want to play a game, please buy it from the official distributor. We even have a piece of information on all the returning characters, so you realize what to probably anticipate in future Call of Duty tales.

Visit the deserts of Urzikstan and enter a military training Shoot House facility; a tight, three-lane map packed with close-quarter combat potential. Switching gears from Black Ops 4's speedy gameplay, to crouch-walking through Modern Warfare's campy original maps, then back to fast action in Shoot-House requires an adjustment period, for sure. But the battle pass system will provide much more content to keep players entertained. Anyone who's been playing the new Call of Duty has probably experienced the combo of campy matches and rage-inducing death streaks from overpowered claymores and shotguns.

Detonating an enemy claymore with bullets is now non-lethal when at full health.

Continued updates to player visibility in dark windows and dark areas. The 725 shotgun had enough range that it was essentially a sniper rifle, and many were expecting it to be nerfed. The insane range of the 725 shotgun is no more.

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