Ontario Premier Ford to meet Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa on Friday

BREAKING: Student Choice Initiative defeated in Ontario Divisional Court

Students celebrate legal win over Ford government’s changes to ancillary fees

The person said Ford is a "big relationships guy" and has gotten on well with the federal government on infrastructure and the renegotiated NAFTA.

The CFS filed the legal challenge back in May, along with the York Federation of Students (YFS), arguing the province lacked the authority to implement the policy and acted with improper objective in doing so.

A divisional court ruling released Thursday said the province overstepped its authority - interfering with the autonomy of post-secondary institutions and student governments - when it forced colleges and universities to make some "ancillary", or additional, fees opt-outable.

Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are to meet in Ottawa Friday for their first sitdown since the federal election. Doug Ford's attempt to wipe out students" unions under the guise of giving students "choice' has been exposed for what it really was: "an attempt to silence his opposition", said Kayla Weiler, Ontario representative of the Canadian Federation of Students.

But it was up to the individual student whether they would fund other services.

The government has said the goal of the initiative was to give students more control over how they spend their money.

NDP critic Chris Glover said the government should foot the bill for the funding shortfalls being experienced by campus services such as food banks and equity organizations.

The ability to opt in or out of some fees was part of the overhaul that saw tuition fees cut by 10 per cent, while the OSAP program was restructured and free tuition was eliminated. "As this matter is in the appeal period, it would be inappropriate to comment", she wrote in an email.

"The court was unequivocal about their condemnation of the actions of this government", he said of the unanimous decision.

"We are ready to work with the new federal cabinet to get shovels in the ground quickly on important projects, increase health care funding and create an environment where businesses and job creators can thrive", Ford said in a statement.

Ford refrained from attacking Trudeau in response, instead making light of Trudeau's relentless attacks during the campaign.

The student groups were aided by a number of labour unions in their court fight.

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