Someone with bloody footprints walked around Auckland apartment where Grace Millane died

Grace died either on or just before her 22nd birthday while backpacking in New Zealand. Source AAPMore

Grace died either on or just before her 22nd birthday while backpacking in New Zealand. Source AAPMore

She added: "The form of the possible blood staining and the presence of blood on the ground supplied sturdy assist {that a} clean-up of blood had occurred on this space".

Grace Millane was on a round-the-world trip when she went missing in Auckland.

However, the crown alleges the accused murdered Millane and then attempted to hide his crime by burying her body, while the defence says she died while engaged in a consensual sex act, and the accused then made a number of poor decisions following her death, due to the stress of the event.

Scientist Dianne Crenfeldt, from the Institute of Environmental Science and Analysis (ESR), informed the jury she had positioned two round possible blood stains between the accused's mattress and a wardrobe.

Her father David advised the court docket in Auckland on Wednesday that the family had heard from Ms Millane "almost every day" in the course of her stir, until December 1 - the day before what must had been her 22nd birthday.

Ms Crenfeldt said she couldn't be specific about how much blood was in the first place.

The court has heard no bucket was found when police searched the apartment.

The last known sighting of Grace Millane was at about 9.40pm when she was captured on CCTV entering CityLife hotel with the accused.

"Grace would send I love you messages sober but she wouldn't express it to this degree unless she was tipsy or drunk".

She said the circular shape of the staining provided strong support there had been attempts to clean the area.

Ms Crenfeldt couldn't determine how the blood had dripped but said it could been cast off from a body or fallen from a mop after being diluted with water.

Millane had been dead for over a week before an autopsy was performed.

On December 8 a year ago, Millane's alleged killer gave a police interview in which he said the tourist was bleeding, the court has heard.

With reference to a photograph of footprints in the apartment shown with the use of luminol, Ms Crenfeldt said this showed somebody with blood on their feet had moved around the room and transferred blood to those areas.

Ms Crenfeldt said there was no blood on the Adidas bag but stains were found in the carpet, on the fridge and on the suitcase.

A forensic toxicologist has told the jury that at post mortem, the level of alcohol in Ms Millane's blood taken was twice the legal driving limit.

Ms Kappatos said she couldn't be certain the level of alcohol in Ms Millane's blood at the time the tests were done would have been the same at the time she died.

Yesterday, the court was shown CCTV footage detailing the pair's date the night she died.

They bar hopped for three to four hours after meeting at the Sky Tower; drinking cocktails, tequila and jugs of margarita and sangria.

There were no drugs detected in Ms Millane's body, the court heard.

The Crown has alleged that the man, who can not be named due to a suppression order, murdered the young woman from Wickford, Essex, and shoved her body inside a suitcase before burying her in a forested area outside Auckland.

The trial continues and will run until early December.

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