Whatsapp Catalogs for shopping launch in seven countries

WhatsApp adds shopping catalogue feature on its app for businesses

Whatsapp Catalogs for shopping launch in seven countries

This will save users and businesses time wasted sending images of products, their respective price tags and their specifications. "We are making it easier to learn about the products and services businesses offer with the introduction of catalogs in the WhatsApp Business app", WhatsApp wrote in a blogpost. This is a more professional-looking way for businesses to engage with their clients and keep them invested in the chat.

Naturally, the catalogue displays the products with descriptions and price for customers' references.

Besides India, WhatsApp has released the Catalog feature in the US, UK, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia. The instant messaging app has launched a new feature called catalogs in the Business app that is available to businesses using the WhatsApp Business app in India, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the US. With this, many of you might have doubts about how to use Catalogs feature on WhatsApp Business application.

The only difference between WhatsApp and Instagram's e-commerce tool, Instagram allows users to pay for the product and place the order right within the app interface whereas WhatsApp's feature is more like a facilitator where users can have all the necessary information on the product.

The new feature, Catalogs could be used as a mobile storefront for businesses to easily showcase and share their goods. In a nutshell, catalogs are for businesses to create and showcase their products and services. WhatsApp states that the whole objective of WhatsApp catalogs is to showcase and share what products and services businesses offer. It also certainly looks like users will soon be able to buy a business' product directly from within WhatsApp using the catalog. The company also said that they will be rolling out the feature in other countries in the near future. Then tap on add product or service and add images of the product you want to sell and add the name and a short description of the product, along with links, SKU codes and save. The company says that it hosts these catalogues to save storage space on the phones of both businesses and customers. These options are visible on the Catalog page.

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