British parties split over Scottish independence vote

Nicola Sturgeon

Enlarge Image Nicola Sturgeon PA Images via Getty Images

The SNP took 47 out of the 59 seats in Scotland with the Tories winning only six in a defiant expression of Scottish nationalism.

But, more than three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, another referendum is back in the headlines amid calls from Nicola Sturgeon, leader of Scotland's ruling Scottish National Party, for a poll on independence.

This convoluted scenario unfolded in the shadow of the disastrous showing for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party, which lost large swaths of its traditional territory, and boosted Boris Johnson, the straw-thatched leader of the Conservative party, back into Downing Street with the largest majority since Margaret Thatcher's third-term 1987 victory.

Scottish National Party leader and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon poses with SNP's newly elected MPs during a photo call outside the V & A Museum on Saturday. "These are just basic statements of democracy", the SNP leader added.

The UK PM and his government have repeatedly said that they will not let another referendum on Scottish independence.

Sturgeon told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show: "If he thinks. saying no is the end of the matter then he is going to find himself completely and utterly wrong".

"The Tories might rage against the reality of what happened on Thursday for a while, I fully expect that they will, but ultimately they are going to have to face up to and confront that reality because of the will of the Scottish people can not be ignored, that is just the simple fact of the matter".

The warning followed a conversation Sturgeon had with Johnson on Friday regarding a new independence referendum following his impressive win in the general election.

The fact of the matter is that we've won the election in Scotland.

Since then Sturgeon has argued that Scotland deserves another vote on becoming an independent nation because it is being taken out of the European Union against its will.

"If I'm sounding reasonably relaxed about this its because I know that the momentum and mandate is on the side of those of us who want Scotland to be able to choose our own future".

If Mr Johnson's withdrawal agreement is passed through parliament, the United Kingdom will begin a transition period until December 31, 2020. You can not just lock us in a cupboard and turn the key and hope everything goes away.

He told the BBC's Sunday Politics Scotland programme: "The way the British state is now constructed is not sustainable". We don't recognise this government.

"A more federal relationship is something that urgently needs to happen, and I think we need to be galvanised to present an argument that that needs to happen".

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