Can you vote online in the General Election?

Can you vote online in the General Election?

Can you vote online in the General Election?

Earlier Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson set the tone when he took his Jack Russell cross Dilyn with him as he voted in London.

Most up-to-date polls maintain confirmed the Conservatives before Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour occasion - even supposing it's also been instantaneous we are able to be in for any other hung Parliament.

Polling stations are open from 07:00 GMT until 22:00 to choose MPs from 216 candidates in 40 Welsh constituencies.

Here's the tips that you wish.

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You do not need to have your voting card when you go, just provide your name and address to the polling station staff.

However the deadline to apply for both has already passed - if you wanted to vote by post you had to register by 5pm on Tuesday 26 November. The electoral commission says animals, with the exception of assistance dogs, "are not usually allowed inside polling stations".

You're no longer allowed to vote at any polling plight rather than the one which is listed for your polling card.

Photos showed dogs dressed up in costumes varying from a bumble bee to Santa Claus sitting next to polling station signs.

The deadline for postal votes was also approved on November 26, while the deadline for requesting a vote by proxy was approved at 5 p.m. from December 4 in England, Scotland and Wales.

Pencils will be provided for this, as the pens can get stained and possibly cause your ballot to spoil, which means your vote won't count.

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