Apex Legends' Grand Soirée Arcade event adds seven modes and fancy skins

Apex Legends The Grand Soirée Event Starts On Tuesday 14th January And Features SEVEN Different Limited Time Modes

Apex Legends' next event will let you play seven unique limited-time game modes

A new event will go live in Apex Legends next week.

They're all part of Apex's Grand Soirée, an Art Deco-themed arcade event arriving on the 14th of January that boasts fancy new skins, rotating Limited-Time Arcade modes, and even a return to the Kings Canyon map. Each and every one will be available for two days across a two-week span, all of which put an exciting spin on the genre formula.

Set to kick off later this month, the event would see Apex Legends players participate in seven distinct game modes, each of which will rotate in availability on a bi-daily basis. There are a few classics like Armed and risky, but most of the game modes are brand new. Of course, previously mentioned Armed and risky is among them, but there's also another mode to get excited about - Dummie's Big Day mode. You will also still be able to complete battle pass challenges throughout the event too. These points will lead to unlocking specific rewards.

Every mode will have three challenges which will reward a total of 1000 points per mode. You'll also be able to get more rewards and enjoy more ways to earn with the new track system. The bonus challenges will be available starting January 17 at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm United Kingdom and runs until January 20 at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm UK.

You'll be able to shop for a mix of Legendary skins and other on-theme cosmetics at a $5 price point, and six new Legendary skins will be added to the core loot pool. The skins will be rotating throughout the event.

Respawn Entertainment is looking to help Apex Legends players ring in the New Year in style with a special event, and they've dropped a teaser trailer to show what it'll offer.

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