Bay Area-Based Impossible Foods Unveils Plant-Based 'Impossible Pork'

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media captionWATCH Putting Impossible Food's new plant-based

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWATCH Putting Impossible Food's new plant-based"pork to the test

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, alternative-meat firm Impossible Foods unveiled its plant-based pork substitute amid a scathing attack on meat production by its chief executive, who branded it a "ridiculous" and "inefficient" industry which is causing global ecological collapse. Like the Impossible Burger, the plant-based porkis made with soy protein andis created to look, taste and cook like real meat.

According to GFI, the plant-based pork category is now worth $130 million and makes up one percent of the $12.7 billion fresh pork and sausage market in USA supermarkets.

Regarding availability, Impossible Foods didn't offer a timeline for its new pork products.

I thought the flavor was good, though a bit "thin" compared to real pork. Smithfield's animal-derived pork has more total fat, at 20 grams, than Impossible Pork, which has 13 grams. Impossible is one of the top contenders in a growing market of plant-based meat substitutes that also includes its primary competitor, Beyond Meat. "Beef is popular around the world but in many cultures, the most popular and familiar and common dishes use pork as the main source of for us to have an impact in those markets, pork was a necessity". Is Impossible Pork really better for you and better for the planet? Later this month, 139 Burger King restaurants in five US cities will offer the Impossible Croissan'wich, made with plant-based sausage coupled with the traditional egg and cheese. Impossible Sausage is expected to launch later this month and will pop up in a number of Burger King locations around the United States.

"Everything that we're doing is trying to avert the biggest threat that the world is facing", Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown told The Associated Press. "First, it's the second completely new product that we're launching".

But Brown is thinking no smaller than replacing all animal-based meat by 2035, and dominating the Chinese market - where pork is in huge demand but relies heavily on imports. That launch will be saved for Burger King, which will debut the patty as a varietal of its popular "Croissan'wich" breakfast sandwich. This is Impossible Foods current distribution model, which keeps it off grocery store shelves for now.

Though Impossible may seem an unlikely CES exhibitor-it's the only food company of the 4,500 CES 2020 exhibitors-Konrad said it shouldn't be. The company looks to offer the product outside the USA soon - especially in China, which the CEO calls a "high priority" market and the epitome of fundamental problems in the human food system.

Brian Cooley, CNET's editor-at-large, also sampled the plant-based pork and commented on its meat-like taste.

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