British Man Has Open Heart Surgery After Getting Popcorn Stuck in Teeth

Adam Martin doing his job as a firefighter

Adam Martin doing his job as a firefighter

And the metallic nail, piece of wire and pen lid Mr Martin jammed into his gum to try to get the popcorn out might have triggered the response which practically killed him.

Getting popcorn stuck in your teeth is usually just an annoyance, but for one man in England, it led to open-heart surgery, according to news reports.

The deadly infection attacked the 41 year-old Adam Martin " s heart and left him surviving "on death's door". Martin eventually visited his family doctor, who diagnosed him with a mild heart murmur.

He said: 'I had the feeling that something was very wrong. I was sleeping an bad lot and I felt terrible.

'I had aches and pains in my legs and I just did not feel right at all.

When Martin was admitted to Royal Cornwall Hospital for testing, results showed heart damage caused by the infection.

Upon waking up, I went to the bathroom to drain the pipes as one does. All from a popcorn kernel stuck in his teeth. We were going through the STD section of the class and drifted off to sleep that night with horrifying images of genital diseases burned into my mind, but not before I made popcorn as a snack and fell asleep eating it in bed.

Martin, now on the mend, believes the entire health scare could have been avoided had he not damaged his gums trying to remove the piece of popcorn.

And the metal nail, piece of wire and pen lid Mr. Martin pressed into his gum to try and get the popcorn out may have triggered the reaction which nearly killed him.

Adam's wife Helen (38) told sources that her husband's infection could have easily been treated with antibiotics if it had been caught sooner.

He also developed a blood blister on his toe - which was later diagnosed as a Janeway lesion, an external indication of infective endocarditis. Anxious about the blister, he went to the Royal Cornwall Hospital only to realise that it was a sign of infective endocarditis.

'I should have gone to the dentist first.

"I felt quite ill and I knew I was not right at all".

Adam was being treated with medication to fight the infection but chest scans revealed his heart had been severely damaged - and would need an urgent operation. He was then transferred to a different hospital, where he reportedly underwent a seven-hour open heart surgery to fix his mitral valve and replace his aortic valve.

Mr Martin mentioned: 'My coronary heart was not correctly working anymore. It was essentially wrecked. He mentioned: "All of it occurred so rapidly and it did get sketchy". I don't want anyone to go through what I've done. It's insane to think all of this happened because of that. I will not be going close to popcorn once more, that is for certain.

"Any sign of tooth ache, bleeding gums, abscess get it checked out", she urged.

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