Danny Carey of Tool pays tribute to Neil Peart of Rush

Neil Peart

Danny Carey of Tool pays tribute to Neil Peart of Rush

Read our full obituary for Neil Peart here.

The legendary Canadian musician died on Tuesday, January 7, but his loss was only made public on Friday, which caused Tool to collect a last-minute tribute for his show at the Viejas Arena. News of Peart's death stunned the rock world and drew tributes from all corners of the music industry.

At Tool's January 10 show in San Diego, the band paid tribute to Neil Peart, the legendary Rush drummer who sadly lost his battle with brain cancer last week.

While Peart's influence can be felt across countless band, parallels between Rush's iconic percussionist and Tool's similarly-revered Danny Carey are obvious. But the most significant gesture of the night was Carey's overt thanks to Peart during his nightly drum solo.

Speaking about Peart's legacy, Kevin Gore, president of global catalogue, recorded music for Warner Music Group, said: "Neil Peart was a musician and songwriter of immeasurable talent who will surely be remembered as one of the greatest and most influential drummers in the history of rock and roll".

First, Tool exchanged "Cold and Ugly" for the main part of their set and replaced it with a cover of "A Passage to Bangkok", the second song from Rush's album 2112. There is a 2011 video of the couple in the studio with Stewart Copeland and Les Claypool of The Police, and another 2015 of Carey, Peart and Copeland in rock for South Park co-creator Matt Stone. Watch the fan-captured images below.

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