Google Phone App May Get Call Recording Feature

Google Phone app could soon introduce call recording

Google Phone app may get call recording feature soon

The Google Phone app is the default dialer app on Pixel devices, Android One devices and MIUI devices in some countries.

It revealed a possible new layout, icon, and a few other assets regarding call recording in the dialer, including an in-call button to initiate recordings.

While call recording was possible on Android devices in the past, Google stopped providing an official call recording API to developers since Android Marshmallow.

If you're someone who'd like call recording to be a standard feature on your Android phone, it looks as though your wish may come true. Several Android OEMs enable support for call recording in their pre-installed dialer apps, although Google Pixel and Android One users are required to root their devices to be able to record phone calls. The price cut automatically applies during the checkout process too, but keep in mind the aforementioned 200 bucks will be charged to your Google Pay account if you fail to meet the company's very simple and straightforward requirements. We can expect Google to officially announce this feature in the coming months. And even if Google does implement it, we aren't sure if it would be limited to certain devices or not. This coincidence means the new call recording feature could be exclusive to Xiaomi phones but well just have to wait and see Google's approach here. The new features are apparently being rolled out for users worldwide, so they should soon be available for all Android smartphones irrespective of their make and model.

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