Google to Support Chrome on Windows 7 Through at Least Mid

Microsoft Finds A New Way To Stop Buggy Windows 10 Updates

Google will keep supporting Chrome on Windows 7 for at least 18 more months

Sometimes convenience is a problem.

Despite nagging from Microsoft, millions of users have yet to upgrade from Windows 7 almost half of all PCs used in small businesses are running Windows 7 despite Microsoft's January 2020 deadline.

Finally, Microsoft has come up with a new plan that, if not completely halt, will reduce the problems related to Windows Updates. Once the new Edge is out, the software giant announced that it will automatically roll out to all users running Windows 10 version 1803 or newer, replacing the old Edge along the way. Automatically installing these updates can help people enjoy the best performance from their devices, keep them more secure and give them access to new features.

Chrome users may continue to use the web browser on Windows 7 devices as the browser will receive updates just like Chrome for other versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system that are still supported. Microsoft now identifies these incompatible drivers and withholds Windows 10 updates from systems that have them installed so it can avoid any malfunctions.

Updates for Windows 10 proved more than a little problematic previous year, but it wasn't just Microsoft's own updates for the operating system that caused issues - driver updates were often a headache for users too.

The last few Windows 10 feature updates have been known for their bugs and issues that many users faced. Entitled "Driver Shiproom Release Cadence Windows 2020", Microsoft says in the document: "Recently when a driver update is released alongside OS updates, it has resulted in a poor experience and significantly impacted end-users". That way they don't have to wait for Microsoft to identify the issue before taking action.

The feature update blocks can be requested while a compatible driver is being validated by the partner to prevent issues like driver crashes, BSODs or data loss, security issues, or connectivity losses. The company won't push drivers in the days before or after Patch Tuesday, according to the report, or within two days of a Windows 10 feature update.

Microsoft also asks for info on the Shipping Label ID (s), the reason for "Urgent Driver release request", and the impact to end-users of a driver release delay.

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