High-rise after fire breaks out

A man climbs outside to escape a fire in a high-rise building in Los Angeles

A man climbs outside to escape a fire in a high-rise building in Los Angeles

A fire is burning at a high-rise apartment building in the West Los Angeles area on Wednesday morning that was the scene of a destructive blaze just six years ago, officials said.

Fire truck ladders stretched up to the affected floors and streams of water could be seen shooting from the interior toward balconies, indicating firefighters were on those floors.

The man was contemplating jumping before firefighters talked him out of it and pulled him to safety.

A fire that erupted on the 11th floor of that same building in 2013 injured two people and displaced as many as 150, the Times reported. A fire department helicopter hovered over the roof and dropped rescuers down to help the residents. A Fire Department helicopter is hovering overhead.

Hogan said the cause of the fire is under investigation, with firefighters looking into the possibility it was deliberately set.

There were early reports that some people had jumped from the building after flames began raging through the sixth floor, but Hogan said that wasn't true.

A 25-story high rise on Wilshire Boulevard in West Los Angeles is now on fire, with reports of people jumping from their apartments.

Over 50 building occupants safely evacuated and fire sprinklers activated as designed on multiple floors, according to the LAFD.

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