House To Send Articles Of Impeachment To Senate, Name Managers

Susan Collins

Moderate Republicans like Sen. Susan Collins want to retain the ability to call witnesses for additional evidence. | J. Scott Applewhite AP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that the House will vote Wednesday to send impeachment articles to the Senate. She warned the Republican-led Senate off any idea of simply dismissing the case against Trump.

"This is the test of the Constitution", Rep. Nadler said.

The action will launch the Senate proceeding, only the third presidential impeachment trial in USA history, a dramatic endeavor coming amid the backdrop of a politically divided nation and an election year.

The Democrat-controlled House is expected to approve the transmittal of the articles, which will allow the Senate to begin an impeachment trial. Thomas Porteous was convicted after being accused of corruption and abuse of his office, with Schiff serving as one of the House managers. McConnell asked. He rejected Pelosi's recent suggestions that whatever the Senate verdict, Trump will be "impeached forever".

'I might not. Or I might, ' the senator, who is retiring at the end of the year, said.

McConnell is expected to huddle privately with senators at their weekly lunch Tuesday. They are considering whether to allow a vote on such a motion to dismiss and another to subpoena testimony from new witnesses.

"I think our members, generally are not interested in the motion to dismiss". The Democrats just need four Republicans to join them in calling witnesses.

But it is clear McConnell does not have the votes needed from his GOP majority to do that.

"My position is that there should be a vote on whether or not witnesses should be called", Collins said.

"I expect that barring some kind of surprise, I'll be voting in favor of hearing from witnesses after those opening arguments", Romney told reporters Monday.

But regardless of the outcome, the Senate trial will be a historic and momentous event. After all, several Democrats are running national campaigns to replace the president, and the Senate minority leader spent the last month coordinating obstruction to the most reasonable path forward with the House speaker.

In doing so, Pelosi attempted to exploit nonexistent leverage to dictate to the Senate how we should conduct our constitutional duty - a tactic she was apparently inspired to try after watching CNN.

Republican Marco Rubio represents Florida in the U.S. Senate. Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe, who helped House Democrats draft the articles of impeachment in the first place, told Salon this week McConnell has no right to do that.

The vote will kick off the ceremonial beginning of the Senate impeachment trial, where the House managers will physically walk the articles to the Senate, and senators and Chief Justice John Roberts, who will preside over the trial, will be sworn in.

The Senate is expected to acquit Trump, as none of its 53 Republicans have voiced support for ousting him, a step that would require a two-thirds majority in the 100-member Senate. McConnell is hesitant to call new witnesses who would prolong the trial.

Biden is one of 12 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination to face Trump in the Nov 3 election, and the trial might still be under way when Iowa and New Hampshire hold their first party nominating contests in early February. "The president and the senators will be held accountable", she added.

Senators Sanders of Vermont, Warren of MA and Klobuchar of Minnesota all made the stage for January's primary debate - but the three candidates could face being taken off the campaign trail as the impeachment trial moves to their chamber this week.

That could make life hard for the four senators who are running for the Democratic nomination: Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bennet, Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders.

Trump would nearly certainly veto a measure that clips his powers to take military action, and there likely are not sufficient votes in Congress to overcome a veto. But McConnell has resisted, saying Tuesday the "more contentious issue" of calling witnesses will be addressed later.

Collins is pushing to have at least the promise of witness votes included in the organizing resolution. The other Republican supporters of the resolution are libertarian-leaning senators Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, as well as Todd Young of Indiana.

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