How To Watch 'Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time' Online

The winner of the'Jeopardy GOAT tournament may have already leaked according to a sportsbook

The winner of the'Jeopardy GOAT tournament may have already leaked according to a sportsbook

The "Greatest of All Time" format differs from a regular game. (No one even missed a question!) But in Double Jeopardy, Rutter went for a true Daily Double and missed (!), taking his total down to zero, while Jennings jumped out to a big lead with a correct Daily Double response.

How are you liking this Greatest of All Time tournament so far, Jeopardy! fans? Over several appearances in Jeopardy! tournament settings, Rutter has won $4,888,436, making him the highest earning American game show contestant of all time. Rutter and Jennings have thrived with these special tournaments and are probably a little more used to the increased difficulty.

Because the tournament is an hour instead of the normal half hour, there will be two games per show, and the player with the most money at the end of the two games will win the match. Rutter ultimately ended up back at zero again during the second round, after missing out on a question regarding songs written by Louis Armstrong. Jennings concluded the two game match with $63,400 and Holzhauer came in second with $63,200.

James Holzhauer, meanwhile, holds the record for the highest amount of money earned in a single Jeopardy! game-$2,712,216. The point difference helped Jennings take a drastic first game lead, in which his amount was $45,000 to Holzhauer's $33,200, and Rutter's $10,400. It was a match format, consisting of two games and the ultimate victor of the match was decided based on total earnings from those two games.

That's how I refer to Trebek, who has hosted JEOPARDY! since 1984. Rutter said that he felt as if he hadn't lost a step. Rutter gave an incorrect answer, ending up with $0 but a game total of $10,000.

"I love the life 'Jeopardy!' gave me". "I've finished second place in a bunch of these tournaments".

And he's one night closer to his goal.

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