I hung up my weapons: Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man

Rami Malek reveals he thought he was pranked by a fake Robert Downey Jr.

‘Ellen’ Guest Host Robert Downey Jr. Chats To Rami Malek, Surprises Young Fan Whose Life Was Changed By ‘Iron Man’

Malek, however, didn't think it was the real Robert Downey Jr. contacting him, insisting it was a prank of some kind. They said that at the age of 6, their son purchased his own Iron Man mask which helped Vincent to communicate.

"So, it's nearly like the mask provided a sense of, it grounded him and allowed him to feel confident".

"See, for me too, it's so wild in playing this character", he said.

"I was such a fan of Mr. Robot, I basically emailed you, and I was serial texting you and I was trying to FaceTime you and you didn't let me weird you out and now we're friends", Downey Jr. explained. He gave us a voice.

"I couldn't even believe it was you", Malek, 38, replied.

Vincent was hugely astounded to meet with the Avengers star and said on the show that autism intercepts his thought process and he is unable to express himself right this moment, but Downey's Marvel roles inspired him excessively. "It helped me hide my identity from the world".

Think again. Downey Jr. has just teased his fans in a recent interview, about the screen fate of Iron Man in the future.

"You called me", the Oscar victor said. "And it honestly is being able to talk to moms and dads and young folks and see how, somehow or other, this thing had a positive impact on you". And it makes all these last years of work worthwhile.

"It got to the point where I thought it could be no one else but you", Malek continued.

To show his admiration for the family and his story, Robert then presented the family with a check for $ 20K, courtesy of Shutterfly.

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