James Bond will always be male, says franchise producer Barbara Broccoli

Billie Eilish bags the chance to sing new James Bond theme song

Billie Eilish bags the chance to sing new James Bond theme song

Craig himself was something of a surprise when he took the role.

The James Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli, has said the next person to play the spy will be male.

Rumours were fuelled when it was disclosed that actress Lashana Lynch will be playing a female 00 agent after Daniel Craig's Bond leaves active service in the new movie. So that's about as close as we're going to get to a "female bond" - a new character that does the same sort of thing, but isn't making huge changes to an established character. "I think women are far more interesting than that".

It doesn't rule out the possibility of a Bond-universe movie featuring a female lead either.

For those who have been paying attention to the last decade's worth of Bond theme songs, they've done exceptionally well during awards season. Nice try Mr Bond.' The ad ends with Craig refusing a vodka martini and asking for 0 per cent beer. Or at least do something akin to a big-screen version of Marvel's Agent Carter.

Tracking the driver to a castle, Craig - who will play 007 for the fifth and final time in No Time To Die in April - steals a tuxedo to sneak past security.

The film's plot involved a giant space laser and an invisible auto.

While older Bond themes' sales figures are incomplete, their post-1994 numbers are sometimes stronger than more recent efforts. But that contemporary spin, as we've found out, won't extend to Hollywood's trend of gender swapping.

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