Jennifer Lopez wants a simpler life

Jennifer Lopez wants a simpler life

Jennifer Lopez wants a simpler life

In addition to Awkwafina and Lopez, Oscar victor Lupita Nyong'o was notably absent from the best actress nominees this year for her performance in "Us".

I don't know why I still get my hopes up about the Oscar nominations.

One of the most noticeable snubs observed is the exclusion of Jennifer Lopez from any of the nominations.

Although she didn't take on the role, the pop star and actress has appeared in many other films throughout her career, including her latest film Hustlers, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination - and what many say would have won her an Oscar should bring.

Snub: Jamie Foxx, Just Mercy (supporting actor) The one-time best actor victor was overlooked despite a SAG nomination for his work as a wrongly convicted death row inmate. However, actresses Erivo, Saoirse Ronan, Charlize Theron, and Renee Zellweger were nominated for the award. Meanwhile, Kathy Bates, Laura Dern, Florence Pugh, and Margot Robbie were nominated for best supporting actress.

Bale was also nominated by both of those groups, and Murphy was nominated by the Globes.

The nomination is trending worldwide.

Jennifer Lopez's love don't cost a thing-but there's one thing that has her love for life.

Walt Disney Co's blockbuster sequel "Frozen 2" failed to secure a spot in the Best Animated feature category, which included two lesser known entries from Netflix Inc - "Klaus" and "I Lost My Body". Fans believed that this is not the first time that Jennifer Lopez got snubbed in the Oscars.

Well-deserving actors and artists got their nods, while some of the finest work of the year was completely ignored per the Oscars' unadventurous prerogative, and a few freakish nominations just made no sense at all.

The film academy has since moved to diversify its mostly white, male membership by inviting more women and people of colour to join.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences released its top contenders for the Oscar on Monday, and notably missing from the list of nominees was Jennifer Lopez and her box-office phenomenon Hustlers.

"The larger gender-based thing is that we need many, many more movies, major movies directed by women". The netizen also added that Oscars are racist.

Nyong'o, who played dual roles in the horror flick Us, received a SAG nomination earlier this month. "But when I think about that, I was offered it, and I had the opportunity". This time they tried to increase the Academy's people of color from 8 percent in 2015 to 16 percent in 2019.

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