Jewish, Iranian groups want government to add Iran’s Guards to terror listing

Vigils have been held across Canada including this one in Ottawa to commemorate those killed aboard Flight PS752

Vigils have been held across Canada including this one in Ottawa to commemorate those killed aboard Flight PS752

Trudeau said he was "angry and angry that families across the country are grieving the loss of their loved ones", after the January 8 plane crash killed all 176 aboard, including 57 Canadians.

The head of the Transportation Safety Board says Canadian investigators have left Turkey for Iran to probe the downing of a Ukraine International Airlines plane last week.

Whether a Canadian court has jurisdiction for a case such as this depends on the passenger's ticket and the escape route, according to Joe Fiorante, a lawyer from Vancouver who specializes in aviation legislation.

She calls Iran's level of co-operation encouraging.

She also told of a friend's brother who had a panic attack as he scrambled to find a flight for his mother to bring her back to Canada from Iran after the assassination of Iranian Major-Gen.

Asked if he would now consider officially listing IRGC as a terrorist group - as Quds Force has been since 2012 - Trudeau said "these are the kinds of questions that we will have to be reflecting on in the coming days and weeks".

Liberal and conservative members of parliament voted in the lower house in June 2018 to enumerate the entire Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, but the government still has to act.

The University confirmed that six students were on the plane at the time of the crash.

"I have seen opinions that it would have retroactive effect".

"I will take care personally of all the expenses and costs of the campaign and I will make sure, along [with] all our partners, that 100 per cent of the money donated will be given to the victims' families and friends", Fakih said.

"It's something that one would have to look at". "This is the Canadian thing to do for the victims, this is the right thing to do for the victim... and I know Canadians will respond".

"We want to honour them because they contributed so much to Canadian society", he said.

Matas said the government has seized millions in Iranian assets in the past, including a cultural centre, but added: "It may be that it will be hard to collect in the future". And the principle is a terrorist, is a terrorist, is a terrorist.

The Council of Iranian Canadians and the Justice 88 Campaign also echoed the request, saying it would show Canada's symbolic support for Iranian protesters who have since taken to the streets.

On Saturday, Iran admitted that its military was responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner departing the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran on Tuesday.

"This terrorist action, intentional or not, carried out by the IRGC, once again emphasizes and confirms the terrorist nature of this organization that has no respect for the lives of civilians", she said.

"They should have closed the Iranian airspace but they didn't".

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