LSU says money Odell Beckham gave to players was fake

Odell Beckham Jr. was fired up at the Superdome after LSU's win

Odell Beckham Jr. was fired up at the Superdome after LSU's win

OBJ was passin' out cash like candy at the Superdome after the Tigers beat Clemson in the natty on Monday. and the video got so much attention that LSU released a statement claiming the money was fake. While Jefferson and Kirklin could potentially declare for the NFL Draft, the chance that Beckham handed money to underclassman could have spelled a nightmare for LSU's compliance staff.

It would be a clear NCAA violation if it was found out the money was real.

The LSU spokesperson was not quoted in the story, saying only that the money was fake. It looked pretty real in the video, but apparently Beckham was walking around with a stack of counterfeit money in his pocket.

Theoretically, the money could have been prop money commonly used for television and film - like the cash below.

Browns receivers and former LSU stars Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry were both on the sidelines to witness the school's first national title since the 2007 season.

Odell Beckham didn't win a national championship during his time at LSU, but he made sure he was on hand to watch his alma mater win it all on Monday night. Postseason rules allow for players to receive gifts up to $550 in value for competing in bowl games "from the management of the event or from the participating member institution".

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