Microsoft's new Edge browser based on Chromium is now ready to download

Firefox 68 has been released

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While Chrome has mercifully eaten Microsoft's browser market share, with Microsoft abandoning its own engine, content can finally be optimised to run across more browsers and users will get the same consistent experience, as the developers intended ... in the future, anyway.

The next stable update to the Microsoft Edge browser will be released sometime next month. If you're a Mac user, Edge is now available for your computer for the first time and it's definitely worth a look. You can download the browser from the link embedded below. The latest iteration of Microsoft Edge was introduced earlier today and is compatible with Windows and OS X.

Tip: check out our 10 tips to get started with the new Edge article.

What Microsoft calls the "new Edge" will visually distinguish itself from the old, existing Microsoft Edge with a new logo.

Edge syncs passwords, favorites, and settings across devices, while Bing lets you earn rewards just for searching. That basically means that it will be Edge on top of a Google Chrome-like base.

Google is preparing to shut down a go-to tool for Edge developers and users as it announces plans to phase out usage of user-agent strings for the Chrome browser.

If you don't use Microsoft Edge, Microsoft specifically would like you to know that it won't migrate your browser preference to Edge.

While it may be tempting to switch to the new Edge right away, users need to be aware that core features are not available yet.

Google Chrome has been the world's most popular browser for some time now, which is an impressive feat given that it didn't enter the fray until 2008.

The tiny piece of text used to help mask some of Microsoft's browser deficiencies by tricking a website upon initial connection is coming to an end as early as March 2020.

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