Quake-hit Puerto Rico to get $8.2 billion in delayed United States aid

Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks to a boy at a Ponce Puerto Rico shelter on Tuesday after an earthquake hit the island

Enlarge Image Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks to a boy at a Ponce Puerto Rico shelter on Tuesday after earthquakes hit the island. Getty Images

The U.S. territory has undergone hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks since December 28 that have caused structural damage to thousands of buildings and homes.

An HUD official told Politico that this was because they wanted to make sure certain financial safeguards were in place, citing recent civil unrest in Puerto Rico.

"Like Gov. Cuomo, we stand with the people of Puerto Rico. We think it's due to the fact that the bees are sensitive to movement and the fact that we had strong natural disaster movement, it can create stress in their social network and they're more alert.We've also seen that their orientation has been odd because we have not seen them go long distances, they've remained close to the bee-keeping zone.Earthquakes, what we call the magnetic field, it's like an internal GPS that they carry that influences their orientation when they fly and it could have an impact within their flight system or communication".

"This news comes as we and Governor Cuomo are wrapping up one of many trips we have taken together to the island to call attention to this emergency and to the plight of the Puerto Rican people. Mitigation efforts are key to this", Gonzalez said on Wednesday.

Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vazquez on Wednesday said almost 8,000 of the island's residents were in government or makeshift shelters, majority due to fear their homes would collapse if there was another big quake.

The release of the funds follows a letter http://bit.ly/2NtywlS on Tuesday, in which Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and several other Senate Democrats asked the Trump administration to approve full aid to Puerto Rico. So far, it has only received $1.5 billion, Politico reported.

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