Rockets hit Iraqi airbase holding United States troops, four soldiers injured

Rockets hit Iraq airbase hosting US troops

Rockets hit Iraqi airbase holding United States troops, four soldiers injured

The attack resulted in injury to four Iraqi soldiers, according to a report by Independent. "I pray for [the] speedy recovery of the injured and call on the government of #Iraq to hold those responsible for this attack on the Iraqi people accountable", he said on Twitter.

The Iraqi parliament last week voted to rescind the invitation to foreign troops after a United States strike at the Baghdad airport killed a top general from Iran, which also has wide influence in the country.

The United States on January 3 killed General Qasem Solemani, the powerful commander of the Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force, after a series of rocket attacks on the U.S. military and vandalism of the USA embassy.

The Pentagon's top watchdog painted a gloomy picture in November about the five-year-old fight against ISIL, warning the US withdrawal from Syria and subsequent Turkish offensive had let the organization regroup and strengthened its ability to plan attacks against the West.

The Pentagon stated, after it carried out the fatal airstrike, that it targeted the general, who was in charge of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force because he was "actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region". Katyusha rockets have a much shorter range than the ballistic missiles Iran fired at two Iraqi bases last Wednesday, so they would most likely have been launched by Iran's Shiite militia allies in Iraq. The strike meant to reduce the chances of an armed conflict with Iran President Donald Trump, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper said. However, a lot of them were evacuated due to the escalating tensions between U.S. and Iran.

Rocket attacks against Baghdad's high-security Green Zone, where the U.S. and other embassies are based alongside worldwide troops, are still taking place.

"The president's interpretation of that intelligence is very consistent with it", he said.

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