Sensor Tower: Worldwide app downloads increases 9.1% in 2019

Disney+ on an iPhone

Source iMore

Disney+ generated $43.9 million during its second month, in addition to the $53.3 million it made during its first 30 days, analytics firm Sensor Tower revealed on Tuesday.

The latest comprehensive quarterly report compiled by Sensor Tower on the world's most popular mobile apps and games is out, and just in case it wasn't obvious Disney+ is the biggest 2019 success story of the industry, the recently released video streaming platform has earned yet another major title. It measures only the App Store and Google Play and does not include third-party Android stores or other distribution hubs like Roku or Amazon Channels. The launch is referred to by the report as "unprecedented" and was more than double the total for the next closest app, TikTok.

The most popular game worldwide and in both the App Store and Google Play was Call of Duty: Mobile, which racked up some 180 million downloads in the quarter, more than 80 million on the App Store and more than 90 million on Google Play, the best quarter for a game since the launch of Pokémon GO. The worldwide data was taken from the App Store, looking at iPhones and iPads for October 1 though December 31. Even Netflix, which leads all streamers with just shy of 60 million US subscribers and 158 million worldwide, grabbed only 11% share in the quarter, less than one-third the share of Disney+. SVOD downloads grew overall, increasing by 12.5% quarter over quarter and 4.7% year over year, even without including Disney+ data.The report shows that Disney+ grossed more than $50 million in its first 30 days. In its second month of availability, the app earned more USA revenue than HBO Now's best month - which includes revenue spikes that were inspired by Game of Thrones.

According to Sensor Tower, downloads were up 9.1% year on year, which suggests that more people are accessing content and services via their phones than ever before, and/or that we're all downloading more apps.

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