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Carrie Fisher as General Leia in The Rise of Skywalker

Trevorrow's Episode IX Script Leaks, Revealing Surprising Plot

Led by GENERAL LEIA ORGANA, the Resistance has planned a secret mission to prevent their annihilation and forge a path to freedom ...

But we're not quite done with The Rise of Skywalker yet. The plot involved the Force ghost of Luke Skywalker "haunting" his nephew as he grew more isolated and risky.

Kylo Ren finds the Sith Holocron on Mustafar, place of Anakin's death and Vader's rebirth.

Both Ren and Rey seem to be trying to put an end to both orders.

Colin Trevorrow's script for Star Wars: Episode IX isn't yet available to read in its entirety. Rose Tico and BB-8 get a heist sequence of their own. The description of her adventures isn't long, but Rose is a part of the main crew that manages to filch a Star Destroyer out from under the most of the First Order, and is eventually captured and tortured by the baddies on Coruscant. And although lots of people - Rey, Force Ghost Luke, Han Solo makes an appearance at some point - try to coax Kylo back to the light over the course of the movie, he doesn't get a redemption moment like he does in Abrams' film.

Oh, and in the final battle Chewbacca pilots an X-Wing.

- Rey's parents confirmed as "nobodies" as intended by The Last Jedi, although there would apparently be a reveal that they had been killed by Kylo Ren under Snoke's orders. In a moment where Luke appears to Rey, she directly calls out how the idea of "Balance" in the force is foolish if that means obliterating the dark side or vice versa. It linked out filmmaker and YouTuber Robert Meyer Burnett's studying of the alleged script. He deconstructed the draft on the 317th episode of his Youtube show, Robservations. Now, with talk of a discontented cast and behind-the-scenes trouble, the production process behind Episode IX has fallen under a microscope, with fans and critics applying intense scrutiny to a film that was clearly plagued with issues from the start.

Disney Imagineers are far less likely to divulge their magic tricks during a First Order interrogation, but the sight of blaster lasers, massive AT-ATs firing at riders, a lightsaber piercing through steel, and a Tower of Terror-style drop back home scream technological sophistication. The company is a primary example of the vulnerability of intellectual property. The space adventure film became the seventh Disney film to be released in 2019, bringing in more than $ 1 billion. Disney made a decision to take this matter above and beyond by attempting to block WOG videos and claiming copyright on them.

In the latter, The Last Jedi star had only around one minute of screen time at the Resistance base. Which begs the question: How efficient is Disney's security team?

Less than a month after Episode 9 hyperspaced into cinemas, an early draft of the movie, penned by original director Colin Trevorrow - who was sacked from Episode 9 in 2017 - and Derek Connolly, has allegedly been leaked online.

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