Stephen King Haunted by His Comments on Diversity

Stephen King in IT Chapter Two

Stephen King faces backlash over comments on Oscars diversity

'For me, the diversity issue-as it applies to individual actors and directors, anyway-did not come up'.

Taking a page out of the book of yours truly, Stephen King takes a stance against diversity, and of course, gets blasted online for it.

The replies to the Oscars tweets were largely in disagreement with this sentiment.

King, who as a member of the Academy's writer's branch is eligible to vote in the Best Picture and writing categories, said considerations of diversity "did not come up" for him. "That said." King tweeted.

King came under fire this week for a tweet saying he would "never consider" diversity when it comes to evaluating art or voting on awards.

"I can't solve how you balance diversity with quality of work because, I mean, I'd like to think I'm part of the world of diversity", the actress told journalists on Wednesday.

The SJW agenda promotes diversity ahead of everything - no matter the cost - which as I have been reporting on for years is the reason movies such as Disney Star Wars, Captain Marvel, 2016 Ghostbusters, Terminator, Doctor Who, Watchmen, et al. have failed miserably both with fans and financially.

Almost three hours later, after receiving considerable criticism for the comments, Mr. King attempted to clarify.

"She ended with a nod to the notion that ideas are not considered truly tasteful until worn on the right "type" of person - asking: "'Ghetto until proven fashionable, ' right?"

He concluded: "You can't win awards if you're shut out of the game".

King has been criticised by people from minority backgrounds over his comments.

. It implies that diversity and quality can not be synonymous.

The Harriet actress said art should "reflect the world we live in" when speaking to the diversity issue at the Oscars and in Hollywood in general.

Erivo went on to say that executives and producers have a responsibility to provide opportunities for more people of color to showcase their work. They have been wrongfully held back in so many ways just due to their color skin, Twitter user David Weissman told King.

"Echo chambers are powerful".

Two hours after the post, King seemed to backtrack somewhat on his views.

"Congratulations to those men", quipped Issa Rae, reading out the all-male list of nominees for best director this year - reminiscent of Natalie Portman's introduction of the "all-male nominees" last year.

"Maybe, just maybe, there should be an actual "diversity" category to get the ball rolling", another tweeted.

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