Trump signs US Mexico Canada Agreement

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The signing represents a second major accomplishment in as many weeks for Trump after inking "Phase One" of a trade deal with China that ramps up Beijing's purchases of American agricultural products and cools the escalating tariff war between the two countries. He made those remarks before signing the new trade agreement into law at the White House Wednesday.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a new North American trade agreement during an outdoor ceremony at the White House attended by about 400 guests - but not the key Democrats who helped secure congressional passage of the deal.

"Maybe I'm being just nice to them because I want their vote".

He singled out Indiana Mike Braun for his defenses of the president on TV.

"We are doing better than any country, and it's not even close", Trump said before he signed the measure. And he said new appointed Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler has been 'really great, ' adding: 'They already like you a lot'. Trump on Twitter has waged a campaign to attack Bolton and argue against his appearance as a witness.

"The White House hasn't invite House Democrats to their USMCA signing ceremony", Pelosi spokesman Henry Connelly said in a statement Tuesday.

Partisan tensions were running high as US senators started to pose questions in Trump's impeachment trial, ahead of a key vote later this week on whether to allow the calling of witnesses like former national security adviser John Bolton. He said the final accord won stronger protections for workers, better enforcement of environmental provisions and steps to prevent higher drug prices.

The US Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) is set to replace the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).

Analysts say USMCA retains many elements of Nafta, a mammoth deal that created a free trade zone across all of North America, shaking up entire industries and supply chains.

Earlier this month, the Senate overwhelmingly voted in favor of the revamped trade pact - 89 to 10 - delivering President Trump a key legislative victory in a presidential election year.

"For the first time in American History, we have replaced a disastrous trade deal that rewarded outsourcing with a truly fair and reciprocal trade deal that will keep jobs, wealth and growth right here in America", he continued.

The Mexican parliament has already approved the deal.

"Because NAFTA has already eliminated duties on most qualifying goods and significantly reduced nontariff measures, USMCA's emphasis is on reducing remaining nontariff measures on trade and the US economy", the ITC report said.

The three countries announced they had reached a deal in 2018 after more than a year of negotiation.

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