AirPods Pro Lite could be in the making

Apple Reportedly Working on 'AirPod Pro Lite' Earphones

Apple may release Airpods Pro Lite

Apple may soon unveil a lite version of its much-hyped Airpods Pro following its successful launch a few years ago, according to a report by technology website BGR, which added that the in-ear headphones were the most expensive version the tech giant has launched over the years. However, not everyone is willing to shell out $249 for a pair of earbuds no matter how good they are.

Apple is claimed to be working with provide chain companions in Taiwan on a number of upcoming merchandise, together with a so-referred to as "AirPod Pro Lite", in response to DigiTimes. Among other new products slated for a 2020 release, "AirPods Pro Lite" are listed, suggesting the products could be on the way this year. Case in point- a guy tweeted that he had lost his AirPods Pro right earbud, which is nothing new.

AirPods Pro for the masses? Depending on where pricing lands, and what features get stripped for a cheaper price tag, an AirPods Pro Lite SKU could have mass appeal. And would the earbuds be priced cheaper than non-Pro models that are available? Different merchandise talked about embodying subsequent-era iPad, Apple Watch, and iMac fashions, all of which might be due for updates within the coming months, though some just like the ‌iPad‌ and ‌Apple Watch‌ are unlikely to launch earlier than September. The non-Pro models run $159 with charging case, or $199 with a wireless charging case.

This comes from Taiwan news site Digitimes, which has published a report on Apple product assembly lines in the country. As per the report, the mention of these alleged AirPods Pro Lite is buried in a report that talks about how Apple is trying to ramp up production with partners in Taiwan as China is massively impacted by the widespread Coronavirus.

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