Apple MacBook is spotted running Windows 10X


Microsoft Surface Neo

It is not even a week since the Windows 10X emulator was released and already some have managed to install it on MacBook.

Windows 10X is now being built with dual-screen devices - like Microsoft's upcoming Surface Duo - in mind. It's not uncommon, though, as, in a separate tweet, another Twitter user showed off Windows 10X running in full-screen on the Lenovo ThinkPad T480s.

Specifically created to power foldables devices or models coming with two screens, Windows 10X refreshes not only the look, but also the feel of the Action Center in a way that makes the current implementation in Windows 10 seem outdated. As expected the driver support is not great and most likely you will end up with features that don't function well. So, it might not be surprising to hear that Windows 10X is compatible with a Mac.

What is unexpected is that Windows 10X already runs surprisingly well on a MacBook despite being an early work in progress.

As you can see, Windows 10X is running on a 12-inch MacBook with an Intel Core m3 CPU and 8GB of RAM.

On the other hand, the notification system overall seems to be working pretty smoothly, and during the few minutes I spent test-driving Windows 10X, I felt the system more fluid than the current version in Windows 10. Typically, emulators are released beforehand so that developers have enough time to test their apps for the new dual screen devices.

Microsoft still has a lot of work to do before Windows 10X is ready for general use.

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