Pokemon Home Launches on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

Pokemon HOME Download iOS

Pokemon Home is out now, offers a bonus Pikachu and Kanto starting creature, plus 35 new Pokemon to transfer

Pokemon Home allows instructors around the world to manage their collections in Pokemon games, trade with other players, and take part in the Wonder Box and Global Trade System. Nintendo has not yet announced when the feature will arrive.

Obviously, if you want both Bulbasaur and Squirtle, you're gonna have to trade with someone else.

The answer to this entirely depends on how much the previous, non-Nintendo Switch entries mean to you.

Another Home bonus: you can now transfer 35 new Pokemon into Sword and Shield from your Bank (or wherever else you get your creatures outside of Pokemon Go, which will get support "later this year").

Pokemon Home comes with a basic and a premium plan with the basic plan offers storage for up to 30 pokemon for free. Managing your Pokemon in a universal, more convenient bank is much easier than the current method.

As stated before, Pokemon is free to download but it is offering a premium plan that will give users additional benefits and features.

Players can then bring their pokemon into Pokemon Sword And Shield from Pokemon Home, or trade using the Global Trading System (GTS). These tools are all supremely useful for those who are more dedicated to either collecting all of the Pokemon int he franchise or finding one with the ideal stats you're seeking. The 1-month fee of the premium membership is $ 2.99, the 3-month fee is $ 4.99 and the annual fee is $ 15.99.

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