Russian Satellites Stalking US Satellite - Space Force Chief

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Russian Satellites Are Following American Satellite Space Force U.S. Space Force emblem

Space Force, the new US military branch, which will receive $15.4 billion as part of the Trump administration's 2021 budget proposal, will be a "technology-focused service", according to Raymond, Space Force's first official leader.

There is some drama happening up in space and it is causing concern for USA officials. Most U.S. companies that track space objects, he said, "don't want to touch that live wire of tracking a classified U.S. satellite".

"This is unusual and disturbing behavior and has the potential to create a risky situation in space", Gen. John Raymond, the Space Force chief of space operations, said in a statement to Business Insider.

General Raymond told TIME that there are two mysterious Russian satellites that are stalking a USA spy satellite.

"We view this behavior as unusual and disturbing", Raymond told Time magazine. The situation, he warned, creates a potentially unsafe scenario between Cold War foes. "These activities don't reflect the behavior of responsible space faring nations".

Gen. John Raymond, commander of the US Space Force, told TIME that the Russian spacecraft has come within 100 miles of the American satellite. "These satellites have been actively maneuvering near a USA government satellite ... which the Russian government characterized as 'inspector satellites'". The Kosmos-2542 then released a sub-satellite the next month.

Russian Federation has a number of communications satellites positioned above the Earth that the Kremlin could use to gather intelligence or even disable or destroy other satellites, according to The Drive.

United States military analysts first took note of the Russian mission when a spacecraft that was launched into orbit on November 26 - the Cosmos 2542 - unexpectedly split into two about two weeks later.

He said U.S. Space Command had been tracking the pair of Russian satellites since launch.

The Russian satellites were first spotted by Michael Thompson, a satellite and spacecraft enthusiast who tweeted about the observations.

"This is all circumstantial evidence, but there are a hell of a lot of circumstances that make it look like a known Russian inspection satellite is now inspecting a known USA spy satellite", Thomspon wrote on Twitter on January 30, 2020. Cosmos 2542 "probably only was close to U.S. 245 for a few days at most before 245 made a maneuver to start to drift away".

According to Time magazine, the event marks the "first time the USA military has publicly identified a direct threat to a specific American satellite by an adversary".

Gen. John Raymond's statement marks the Space Force's first public confrontation leveled at an adversary in the increasingly competitive space domain, Time magazine reported Monday.

The Space Force, which was only established on December 20, 2019, will have approximately 16,000 personnel.

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